Dr. Kerry O’Reilly is a psychoanalyst working with individuals and couples facing co-dependency and relationship challenges, addiction and abuse (substance, emotional, and behavioral) mood disorders (bipolar, anxiety and depression) and life transitions divorce, death and aging. Relationships with others are a central part of what gives meaning to our lives and sometimes they are difficult to navigate. In some cases, relationships trigger us, reminding us of past experiences, both good and painful, and it is important to be able to separate out the past from the present in current relationships.

She works with you to develop relationship skills and a more highly tuned emotional intelligence so you can strengthen intimacy, and resolve issues around communication, sex, intimacy, commitment, and infidelity. She works with gay men and their internists (i.e. Dr. DeFoto & Dr. Gladstein) on issues including HIV, drug and sex addiction and sexual dysfunction.

MFC #42870

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Dr. Kerry O'Reilly psychoanalysis Ventura, Beverly Hills