During the first 45 minute session the clinician will do both a formal and informal intake with you so that we might immediately deal with the issue that brought you into our offices in the first place.

There are certain things that must be discussed during the first session to comply with sound medical practices including the Limits of Confidentiality, the length of the session, the fee and how therapy works. It is also a great time to get ask the therapist any questions you may have.


The Center’s standard fee for a 45 minute session is $125.00. This is below the industry standard of $150, but we are trying to make therapy affordable to the community.

We do offer a sliding scale fee for those who can demonstrate financial hardship ranging from $60-$125 for an MFT and ranging from $70-$125 for a Clinical Psychologist or Psychoanalyst.

Our fee for seniors who are paying out of pocket ranges from $50 to $125 depending on their financial circumstances.

We are “In-network” for several insurance companies and the fee is established by them. You are responsible to pay for your co-pay at each session.

Please note, if your insurance company does not reimburse us, you are responsible for the full payment as agreed to by your plan.


Our cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance of your appointment as we are not in a position to fill your appointment time with less notice.

Your session is not considered cancelled if you text message or email us. You must call our main number at (805) 642-4611. It is the only way to ensure we get the message in a timely manner. Our after hours answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This means you are responsible for the full fee and not just your co-pay as we cannot charge your insurance company for a session to which you did not attend. That would be insurance fraud.


At Beachside Therapy we believe it is important to assess a client’s symptoms using an assessment tool that will empirically measure symptoms rather than hastily jumping to a diagnosis that may brand the client.

As such, if you present with symptoms of depression, anxiety PTSD or trauma we can, if you wish, perform a formal, free-of-charge assessment for these disorders.

We use assessment tools such as Beck’s Depression Inventory, Beck’s Anxiety Inventory and the CAPS, which is the “gold standard” in assessing PTSD, as part of the intake procedure.